Free Spirit Collective Retreat, April 2016

As you might have seen throughout social media over the course of this past week, last weekend (April 7-10th) was our second Free Spirit Collective Retreat. Free Spirit Collective is a company founded by my good friend Kori Leigh and myself. This was our second retreat, and it took play in Ymir, BC, right in the heart of the Kootenays. If you're familiar with our retreats, then you know that each women that attends the weekend, gets to have a FULL Free Spirit Session with me. Last night, I finished editing the Free Spirit session images from our latest retreat, and I'm eager to have you scroll through these sneak peeks. The rest of the images will be coming out in our second issue of the Free Spirit Collective Magazine in early June!!


Another reason why these women and their sessions are so special to me, is because almost each and every one of them were truly nervous to get in front of my lens--for one reason or another. This is something that I see soooo often, and there are truly no words that I can say to tame that innate sentiment. I knoooow that being in front of the lens is weird. It's a complete "give up" of your control, and a submersion into pure faith. I feel as though that sentiment is something that a lot of women can relate to, and I wanted to share that in the second issue of the magazine, these wild-hearted babes are going to be sharing more about their feelings regarding their Free Spirit session, as well as what the process was really like for them once they were in it.

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The information + sign up for our NEXT RETREAT in SEPTEMBER was just released yesterday! I wanted to mention that you can learn more about that at this link, if attending one of our retreats is something that you're interested in! I'm also taking bookings for Free Spirit Sessions all spring + summer, so send me an email or contact me at the top of my website if you're curious about talking more about your very own session.

Thank you for being here.