Free Spirit Retreat 2015 - Janne Robinson

The past few days have been such a wild ride; and it's a little surreal to take a small step back from everything that is going on, and truly acknowledge what has taken place in such a short span of time. I've said in a past blog post that it's often easy to forget to recognize our accomplishments; that we move right onto the next goal after accomplishing the previous one, and we neglect to truly realize just how far we've come. What's the latest goal you've crossed off of your list? If you could go back in time and tell yourself a year ago what you just achieved, would "old you" believe "current you" or would "old you" doubt that you'd be able to get so far in 12 months time? This retreat is one of those moments for me. If I could go back 12 months, or even six months, old me would never see this coming. I am overcome with gratitude. You should know by now that Kori + I released the full details for our upcoming Free Spirit retreat earlier this week; and since then, we've been knee deep in conversations, emails, plans, and even MORE ideas for the free spirited weekend on the Sunshine Coast. The goal of the retreat is simple, and it's to have a safe space to bring together a tribe of like-minded, courageous women with the desire to better themselves for themselves, as well as for the world around them. 


Leading up to the release of the full details blog post, we felt as though the retreat was missing a piece; that it was lacking a voice. We wanted to bring in someone else; someone who dressing daily in transparency and prose, who's voice drips with the rawest forms of vulnerability. I reached out to my newfound soul sister, Janne Robinson, and she's agreed to join us in the forest! Her and Kori have already released this info on their social medias, so it might not even come as a surprise to you as you read this this morning, but I wanted to reiterate how incredibly excited + honestly speechless we are being able to have Janne a part of this soul-satisfying reality.

If you're not familiar with Janne or her work, you should be. She's a writer, poet, animal activist, feminist, public speaker, and advocate for transparency in all areas of life. She's also a columnist for the Elephant Journal, AND you may have seen her latest poetry video (see below) floating around The Huffington Post (amongst other spaces), or her presence in the September issue of Women's Health magazine.

Needless to say, we couldn't be more thrilled to have Janne as a part of this incredible new venture that we've set out on. Not only that, but we're sooo unbelievably overjoyed to be hearing from you ladies. Your emails, your words, and your commitment to be a part of something bigger than yourself is cherished + acknowledged. We are already booking up a few of the slots for the retreat weekend, so if you're thinking about joining us in the forest, this is just a heads up that everything is happening on a first come, first served basis :)