Free Spirit Sessions - Booking Indoor for Fall + Winter

I've been struggling these past few weeks. With winter fast approaching, I've been unable to remedy the ongoing dilemma of not having a well lit indoor space for Free Spirit sessions. Last year in Edmonton, our apartment bedroom filled with the most magnificent light, and not being able to have that in our new place is a weird feeling of adjustment. A mix of low light in my bedroom (due to window tint) discouraged me in being able to offer indoor sessions at all this coming season. The light issue spiraled into more doubt about the smallness of our space, and the intimacy and realness that the sessions would bring about if they were to take place in our home. After a few talks with Mark, and a handful of serious self-talks within myself, I felt so strongly that I needed to make this work. Today I worked to remove the tint and solve the light issue, and I'm reminding myself that having these sessions happen in our home is not a disadvantage. I'm working everyday to squander the self doubt. The ego wants to hold us back, to keep us from growing and learning and doing what our heart longs to do. That won't stop me. 11999627_871659882870905_6083078627654345010_o This isn't a high end, done up, glamorous in-and-out session where you're my client and I'm your photographer. This is me in my safest space. This is an intimate experience, human to human. This is an exchange of energy where I let you into my home, my sanctuary, and in return you let me into the pieces of who you are that aren't always seen by the outside world.

Sometimes all we need is one person to see that light in us.

If you're not ready to cozy up in my living pre-session and spend some time opening up to myself, as I do the same with you, then this isn't the place for you. If you're not ready to show up, as you are, at the exact point in your life, then this isn't the time for you. If you're not able to be here with me and trust my process, this isn't the session for you. If you're expecting to come into a blank white studio with lights and props, this isn't the space for you.

I believe in professionalism, but I also believe in people. I believe in the power of connecting with someone; in interacting as a real human being with them and always standing beside them as opposed to ahead or above them. I believe in speaking from a place of truth and transparency, and in turn allowing them the opportunity to do the same. I believe in trust. I believe that often times the camera catches emotions and glimpses into the soul that the outside world isn't quick enough to catch, and that's honestly when I find you in your most beautiful version of yourself.

I am here, and I am ready. Arms and heart wide open. Ready to commit to another full season of indoor Free Spirit sessions.