Free Spirited Lifestyle Marathon


When I think "Boudoir", my mind has been trained to automatically think of beautiful, glamorous sessions complete with jewellery and heels; of COURSE this isn't always the case, but that tends to the be the mainstream thought around "Boudoir". I personally think that those sessions are absolutely STUNNING, and I am a big fan of endlessly scrolling through boudoir blog posts; however, for myself personally, I don't know if I would suit a boudoir session (if that makes sense haha).

DSC_5258-Edit As a low key, quiet, barefoot-loving individual, who would rather wear her boyfriends shirt to bed than anything she owns, I know that I feel most comfortable and cute at exactly those times: when I'm barefoot (or in wool socks!) and cozily dressed. I truly believe that capturing other people in those sorts of scenarios can create some incredibly sunning imagery. I am a HUGE advocate for messy hair, oversized sweaters, drinking tea in bed, and that HONEST and stunning beauty that comes along with this sort of photography. Long story short, I am offering all of YOU the opportunity to be a part of capturing those soft, quiet, comfortable moments that otherwise go unseen.


I am holding a "Free Spirited Lifestyle Marathon" SATURDAY February 1st. As always, I will have an incredible hair + makeup artist with us which is included in every session!  You know that "take a long time on your hair to make it look like you just woke up style--but in a cool way?? THAT'S what we're going for!" There'll also be plenty of tea and snacks to enjoy before your session!! So bring your oversized sweaters, your denim shirts, your wools socks, your flannels, or HECK even your toques, this day is going to be SUCH a fun time, and I cannot wait to produce some totally RAD images with you!!

Are you ready to book a session and work together creating some awesome images for yourself?? CLICK HERE to be taken to Facebook where you can read about all the details of the marathon!!