Free Spirited Lifestyle Portraits with J.

As part of my 2014 goals, I wanted to hold my first ever marathon prior to March 30th; not one month after the start of the new year, did I already end up planning and shooting my very first Free Spirited Lifestyle Marathon! I won't go into too much detail regarding the inspiration behind these sessions as I've already dedicated an entire blog post to that a couple of weeks ago, but I just want to say that collaborating with and shooting these incredible, free-spirited ladies, was one of the most rewarding days of shooting that I've experienced thus far. I absolutely loved how much inspiration they brought into their sessions; bringing their comfiest outfits, their boyfriends shirts, and most importantly, their own chill and confident energy.

Photography by Kaihla Tonai Hair + Makeup by Robyn McMillan


If you're interested in a Free-Spirited Lifestyle Session of your own, be sure to either message me through my website, on Facebook, or direct email me at ; so far, I am planning on holding a second marathon either in March or April, so send me a note if you'd like more details! Feel free to leave some love in the comment section below, it is Valentine's Day after all!