Friday, July 10, 2015

Are you the type of person who can get easily thrown off your game if your planned work/personal schedule changes last minute? This week seemed to be the oddest in terms of business scheduling and work-related dreams. Three nights in a row I've woken up feeling completely distraught and thrown off. Usually throughout the wedding season, I'll have one or two nightmares in regards to weddings and working, but this week alone I've had three nights in a row that I've woken in the morning feeling exhausted and frustrated. Normally these dreams either involve my real couples, complete strangers who's wedding I'm photographing, or a mixture of both, and they usually revolve around the idea of me being late or missing the wedding completely (which is kind of odd since I'm a pretty punctual person). I know that it's a pretty good guess to assume that I'm simply harbouring a lot of subconscious stress between working, as well as planning my own wedding, but I'm still really hoping that I can do something to tame these nightmares. Mark and I lead a pretty chilled life, so I find that it's hard for me to find ways to "de-stress" my life even more. Yesterday I took a long walk/run around our neighbourhood, and I'm hoping that that just might be the solution that I need to exert some of this pent-up energy. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Last night, we took our blue baby for another cruise around town and to the riverside. We picked up some pho + beers on the way, stuffed ourselves full, and then cooled off in the refreshing waters. What is UP with this heat hey? Wow it's amazing, but also on the verge of unbearable haha. Especially since the Westy is AC-free....haha. In other news, I'm really really eager to get these next few weeks going, I have two incredible weddings in a row (with the first one being tomorrow!!), and I'm just ready to start pushing myself + my work to a next level. The whole wedding planning process that Mark and I have been going through has really amped up the value that I put on wedding details and preparation, and I'm feeling really good about working these next few weddings (and all my weddings this summer + fall, for that matter).