Gather + Grow - A Beginner's DSLR Photography Class

For the past year, I've day-dreamed about creating a comfortable, intimate, and inclusive atmosphere for hobbiest and beginner's alike to be able to gather together, grow, inquire, and leave inspired. I've been planning out a beginner's DSLR photography class over the course of the past 12 months, and am so thrilled to FINALLY be able to set a date and make it happen!! Gather + Grow isn't solely about furthering your DSLR knowledge; it's about being comfortable about where you're at in your journey, and knowing that you're not alone on what can sometimes feel like a very deserted & unfriendly path. Photography isn't something that should be about competition with one-another, but rather it should be, and IS about sharing with each other, supporting each other's journeys, and most importantly celebrating how far we've come. DSCF2863-2

Interested to see if this class will be a good fit for you? Below is a handful of the items that we'll be going over:

  • An extensive look at aperture, shutter speed + ISO
  • Learning to shoot in full manual mode
  • White balance & how to get great images IN camera while you're shooting
  • Tips & tricks for quiet-spirited introverts on finding your place amongst a heavily outgoing industry
  • More tips, tricks & techniques that I've gathered while obtaining a diploma in the Photographic Technology Program at NAIT

After we spend an hour or two going over the "classroom" items and sharing wine + snacks, I want us to be able to go outside together and practice some of the techniques that have been shared throughout the evening! I ALSO want to take things one step further and brainstorm a potential creative photo shoot that we can create & photograph together later this summer!! All-in-all, I just want you to know that this is a safe place; it's a place where we can learn, grow, create + inspire together in an honest, personable, and intimate setting. Ready for the details??

Gather + Grow Photography Class Happening: Saturday, May 31st, 2014 Time: 5-8 PM Location: downtown Edmonton Cost: $100 **Limited spaces available**

Still not sure if this class is right for you? Send me an email and we can talk more about it! Ready to get signed up? Fire me an email and we'll make it official!