We Were Gathered - Free Spirit Retreat

We were gathered in a place where mirrors were hard to come by, where you didn't walk through the space and just so happen to catch your reflection in the glass, but instead were too busy snuggled into sisterhood. We were gathered in a space where you met intentional eyes who held your gaze not to make you feel uncomfortable, but rather to let you know--without words--that they are right there with you, and that they see you.

We were gathered in a home that breathed safety and acceptance; where words were never laughed at, nor looked down upon, but rather digested in the presence and comfort of one another.


We were gathered in a dwelling place where we were celebrated for the contents of our souls, rather than the clothes on our backs; where our makeup bags sat untouched because they simply weren't a priority.

We were gathered in a sanctuary that exuded patience from it's old wooden walls, where we could show up--in our own time--regardless of our circumstance.

We were gathered in a habitat where your "should haves" and "could haves" and "can'ts" and "will dos" were left at the door, wholeheartedly uninvited.

We were gathered, quite simply, as an unbelievably diverse group of wild-hearted women who's hearts all beat to the same rhythm.