Gifting Your Clients -- Unique + Brand-Reflecting Gift Ideas

Much like any other aspect of running your own business, figuring out how, when, and what to gift your couples is something that takes a little bit of figuring out. I've felt as though I've struggled for the longest time in figuring out what I could send my wedding couples via the mail; I didn't know how to not only incorporate items that were reflective of myself and my brand, but also how to find non-generic bulk gifts that they would actually enjoy. When I was first starting out two years ago, I would buy a stack of the same book {the 5 love languages}, or a collection of the exact same small gifts and send them to my couples without even taking a moment to ask myself if those ideas were even something that they would like to receive. Gift giving is one of my very favourite things to do, but it's a bit of a struggle to give the ideal gifts until you put the time into getting to know your couples/clients.

Bottle Opener by Made in House
Personalized Key Ring Tassel by BC Print Shop


Bottle Opener by Made in House Candle by P.F Candle Co. (you neeeeed to smell these!!! Teakwood + Tobacco and Amber + Moss are my favourite scents!!)

I've been asked before how much money I'll spend on client gifts, or how I avoid spending too much, or how often that I'll send my couples something in the mail, and I honestly don't have a specific answer for those questions. I believe that if you start to treat your clients + the gifting process like a huge strict + scheduled process, then you might as well not be doing it in the first place. If sending gifts is important to you, then I believe that you should be putting the time + money into sending items and cards that are truly personalized + unique. Think of it this way, at Christmas time, do you go out to buy 10 of the exact same shirt/book/tea, wrap them all up, and then give the identical gift to every single one of your friends + family members? {I hope that you answered no to that question haha}. If your goal as a business owner is to treat your clients as though they were your friends, then start by 1. actually getting to know them like you do your friends, and 2. put some honest thought and money into letting them know that you're thinking about them! I usually don't have a super strict schedule when it comes to gifting; but, I do try and keep a similar pattern. Once I meet a couple, I'll usually either have them over for dinner or bring them homemade cookies; I don't like to bring a gift to the initial meeting because I don't feel as though I've gotten to know them enough yet and wouldn't be able to bring anything personalized to them and who they are as a couple. From there, I'll usually send them a handwritten card at some point (usually at Christmas OR their birthdays!). Once we shoot their engagement session, I normally will whip up one of the 5.5x5.5 square Artifact Uprising softcover books filled with images from their session and mail it out to them as a surprise. And lastly, these gifts in this post are getting sent out 2-4 months prior to their wedding dates, and then if I feel as though it fits, I might bring the brides a handmade bracelet on their wedding day OR I'll send the couple something post-wedding (like an Artifact Uprising wood calendar).


Candle by P.F Candle Co. Old Soul Bath Salts by Rosa & Lilium Apothecary


I wanted to put together a small sampling of some of the gifts that are actually ready to hit the post office this week and get sent to my summer couples. The majority of everything here is being gifted, however I did toss a few extra ideas in to aid in the brainstorming process! When it came to finding gifts for them, I did a little bit of research to not only find gifts that were reflective of who I am, but that also supported small or local business (which is also important to me!). I'll let you scroll through the rest of the images and will leave all the info for the businesses below each image!


Bottle Opener by Made in House Goddess Diffuser Oil by Sage Antler Necklace by CoutuKitsch


Bottle Opener by Made in House Fragrance by Libertine Necklace by CoutuKitsch

Personalized Key Ring Tassel by BC Print Shop Glass jar of coffee beans by Rosso


Bottle Opener by Made in House
Square engagement session by by Artifact Uprising
Bottle Opener by Made in House Coffee by Phil & Sebastian


I hope that you were able to gain a little bit of inspiration throughout this blog post and that it helped to demonstrate that you should never restrict yourself to only giving one certain gift to everyone that you work with. If you have any specific questions in regards to anything you've read here or any other process that I might take in my own business, then please don't hesitate to either leave it below or email it to me and we can talk more about it!!