My Go-To Green Juice Recipe

When life gets a little too busy, the one thing that I try and keep consistent is my green juice consumption haha. I've played around with a few different fruit/veggie combos and either found this one in my Oh She Glows cookbook, or in the Body Book by Cameron Diaz. Either way, I've adjusted the proportions a little bit and often add in my own little twist if I feel like changing it up. This juice/smoothie makes for the perfect part of your breakfast (especially if you're on the go--we use these old pasta jars as our drinking cups, and save the lids for when we want to take these with us in the car!), or works great as a mid-day pick-me-up! It'll also last in the fridge for two or three days, so it's awesome to make big batch first thing Monday morning and then have some juice for the next couple of days. kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_1213

This recipe will make two glasses of juice/smoothie (so just adjust your proportions as you see fit!): -2 huge handfuls of spinach -one avocado -the juice from an entire lemon -one whole banana (really ripe + frozen works best!) -one green apple (you can add more to increase the sweetness) -about 1-2 cups of ice cold water -sometimes I'll add in a sprig or two of mint leaves as well to change things up!!

Put it all in a blender and blend away! P.S if you're afraid of any of these ingredients, trust when I say that this will taste so much better than you think it would! Mark dislikes bananas and my brother can't stand avocados, but both of them cannot get enough of this tasty blend! I actually start craving this mixture on a daily basis ;)

kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_1215kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_1216p.s come back TOMORROW for a super rad giveaway featuring one of my favourite local jewellery makers!!!