All Good Things Come in Threes

Can we just talk about the past three days for a minute?? Mark and I got a last minute opportunity to watch the Flames VS. Oilers this past Saturday night here in Edmonton; this being the first time in three years that I've gotten the chance to watch the Flames play at Rexall Place. It's always a TAD daunting going into the home arena wearing the opposing team's jersey (ESPECIALLY when it's the battle of Alberta), but maaaaan oh man does that ever make the victory sweeter!! Before Mark + I even sat down in our seats, I was being heckled by a 70 year old man who was less than impressed that I was sitting in his section, but after the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th AND 8th goal against his home team, he simmered down...Mark always says that whenever we go to any sort of sporting event, I become someone entirely different from myself; I must admit, take me to a hockey, basketball or even a volleyball game, and you'll see a side of me that you never knew existed ;) santa_barbara_united_photography_conference_2014_shoot_and_share_0103 As if an amazing hockey game wasn't enough FUN for the weekend, we also snagged rad seats in the McDougall Church and got to be apart of an INCREDIBLE concert. James Vincent McMorrow has been my go-to artist over the course of the past three years, so being able to sit in front of him and listen to his amazing voice LIVE was out of this world!! That show was the BEST show that I've been too thus far (following closely behind is Imagine Dragons!), and I will definitely say that he sounds better live than he does on his record! I'm SO thankful to be able to add this experience to the ever-growing list of shows that Mark + I have been to over the course of the past few years. Have you seen all the concerts we've been too since we've been dating?? You can find it HERE!


The saying: "all good things come in 3's", proved itself to be true this afternoon when I headed over to Planet Organic to pick up a few groceries for the week. Not ten minutes into my shopping trip did I spot one of my favourite hockey players cruising the aisles!!! After MUCH encouragement from my siblings via text, and three nervous and excited laps around the store, I worked up the courage to ask him for a photo! Needless to say, I ended up leaving the store forgetting half of the items on my grocery list....P.S I ALSO neglected to mention to him that two nights ago at the hockey game, I  was telling Mark that Andrew Ference is one of the best looking hockey players in the league....


What's been the favourite concert/show that YOU'VE been to so far??!