Guest Wedding Vendor {HAIR by Dawn Bradley} -- The Barefoot Bride

Calgary is bursting with some of the most creative + kind business owners that I have ever met. I've followed Dawn's work for a while now, and after getting my hair done by her a few months ago, reached out to see if she wanted to be a part of this Barefoot Bride bridal resource series. Together with two two wonderful ladies who helped us out as hair models, I took the photos while Dawn created two totally beachy-boho hair styles that are PERFECT for any occasion this summer. Not only can these looks be utilized throughout the summer, but they can also be dressed up with florals or jewels to become the perfect messy yet put-together bridal hair. textkaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_1776

We whipped up two separate looks for you guys in the following set of images! I'll do my best to best explain and walk you through the how-to behind these looks, but if you have any questions about how Dawn made certain parts of the hairstyles work or just need a little bit a clarity before trying the looks, just leave your questions + comments under this post, and we'll be sure and help you out the best that we can!


This first look is PERFECT for when you want your hair to remain casual and down, but still want to add a little something to your look. All you're going to need for this look is two small elastics, some bobby pins, a 1'1/4" curling iron/wand, and some texturizing spray + expanda dust (optional).

1. Rough up your hair with some texturizing spray 2. Go in with your curling iron and wrap the hair around the barrel. Hold for a few seconds before letting the curl slowly fall into your hair while you remove the iron. Loosely curl your entire head.


3. Using more texturizing spray, rough up your hair again with your fingers, and then gently backcomb your crown.  4. Take the front sections on both sides of your head, and rope braid/twist the two pieces the entire length of your hair. If you don't know how to do a rope braid, this video does a good job as explaining the process. The info you need to know starts at 1:40. Once you're finished both rope braids, secure both braids with an elastic.


5. Using any sort of backcombing dust/the expanda dust pictured below, thicken the braid by slightly pulling it apart and messing it up a bit. The dust will thicken up your braids and give them that messier/textured look that we're going for. 6. Once both braids are texturized, knot them together at the back of your head, and tuck the ends underneath the braids with bobby pins. You can also use additional bobby pins to make the crown feel more secure and in place.  7. Finalize the look by touching up some of your beachy waves.


This next look was so neat to watch come into fruition; we dubbed it the Mermaid Magic for obvious reasons ;) This look might be a little harder to do on yourself, but would be perfect to experiment with friends or bridesmaids! All you're going to need for this look is a 1/2" curling wand, a hair elastic, and texturizing spray.


1. Start by using your wand to add beachy waves to your entire head of hair. Throughout the process, spray your hair with texturizing spray to give it that extra messy + textured look. 2. Section of a small crown section of your hair using a small clear elastic (see a few photos below). Once your elastic is secure, braid the remaining ponytail and secure with a second elastic.


3. Once your min braid is complete, start by taking one small inch-ish section at a time, lightly twisting it in the direction of your curl, backcomb it gently with your fingers, and then tuck it into the top portion of your already made mini braid. Feel free to add in a few bobby pins to make sure the shorter sections that you pull back stay in place. 4. The move to the other side of your head, pull back the same sized piece of hair, and tuck it into your braid, pulling the tail all the way through so that it's secure. 


5. Continue working your way down your head until all of your hair is tucked into the braid and your original mini braid is no longer visible. 6. Once you get to the very end of the braid/tucking process, remove the hair elastic, and backcomb the end to hold the finished braid in place. Spray your entire head with hairspray to ensure that everything stays in place!


These incredible ladies were so so much fun to work alongside of, and I'm so thankful for their willingness to come together and bring these hairstyles to you! Like I mentioned earlier, if you have any questions regarding anything that we shared here with you today, leave your questions down below and I'll get Dawn to help you out :) You're also always more than welcome to share this post (or any of these images) with whoever you think might utilize these walk-through tutorials. Happy hair-do-ing!!!


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