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For a while I'm been wracking my brain in the hopes of coming up with some sort of wedding-related content that I could bring to my blog. A few weeks ago, I realized that I wasn't fully using this period in my life to it's full potential, and wanted to pull resources in the hopes of being able to inspire those of you who are also in the process of planning a "non-traditional" wedding. This entire process has been such a fun time for Mark and I, and I think that that can be attributed to not only doing the engagement + planning process together, but also by managing to stay true to our own wedding vision and trying not to be influenced by outside opinions. Throughout this we not only have we learned so much about ourselves as a couple, but we've also learned that regardless how big or small you choose your wedding to be, that it's still a reflection of who you are separately, as well as together. One of the biggest struggles that I've discovered throughout this process has been finding the resources that reflect what our wedding vision is; there seem to be plenty of wedding resources if you're planning a big "traditional" wedding, but the options begin to slim out the less traditional you tend to move. With the help of a few incredible humans, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some awesome individuals--right here in Calgary--to bring you guys a few more resources and inspirational ideas that you can hopefully utilize if you are also in the midst of planning your own "non traditional" wedding day. kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_1724

Today's post is written by my friend, Naaz (founder of Earth Elements), who you may have seen here on the blog before. She wrote a piece all about wedding jewellery, and tips on how to choose jewellery that's unique + reflective of yourself, and I can't wait for you to read it!

"Weddings are special to me.

I’m a total romantic. Whenever a friend or acquaintance (or in some cases, someone I just met!) tells me they’re engaged, I cannot resist asking about the proposal. To some, the details of weddings feel mundane, to me, they are enchanting. I love the prospect of two wonderful people finding their way to each other, sharing and learning and growing together, and choosing to take the next step by getting married. I love the thought that goes into these magical days. Every detail that a couple selects is such a reflection of their relationship and their love. The venue, the decor, the food, the favours; it’s amazing to me how everything comes together in what feels like a seamless day of celebration. 


When I started to get emails from brides asking if I could create custom jewellery for their wedding party, I was ecstatic! To combine my love of weddings with the thought and care I put into my creations was a dream come true. The jewellery I offer is all handmade by me and energetic in nature. The crystals and beads I choose for my necklaces and malas are mostly sourced locally. The gems that I feel a connection to are the ones that I select for the crystal necklaces and mala beads. It’s been such a joy to have brides connect with me, sharing stories about their bridesmaids and asking me which crystals would be most supportive for these women. So far, my experience with brides has been everything that I’ve hoped for. All my lovely brides have been so easy to work with, and have been clear with what they were looking for, all the while giving me the freedom to create. 


If you’re a bride looking to give a thoughtful gift to your bridesmaids or even looking for a unique piece to wear on your special day, here are some tips to consider when looking for handmade crystal jewellery:

~ What is most important to you? The energetic qualities of the crystals? Or the way the piece of jewellery looks? Or maybe both? Try to get clear on whether you would like to support yourself / your bridesmaids energetically with the jewellery you choose, or if you are you wanting to find some fun pieces that your ladies can wear with a cute outfit. (Both are totally valid!)

~ Will your bridesmaids be wearing their pieces during your wedding? If so, be sure to send over pictures of their dresses to your jewellery designer! You want to make sure that the necklace lengths will compliment their dresses perfectly.

~ Does your jewellery designer do custom pieces or will you have to purchase from their shop? If there is a piece you like in the designer’s shop, but there are only one or two in stock, ask if it’s a possibility to create more! Remember, it never hurts to ask and a good designer will always be more than happy to work with you.

~ What is the turnaround time? Jewellery designers have different turnarounds, especially for custom orders. If they already have a large following, chances are you will have to order well in advance to have your pieces in time for your big day! Give yourself plenty of time to select your jewellery and have them made.

~ Go with your gut. With crystal jewellery, often times the piece(s) that you are first drawn to are the ones that will do the best work energetically for you (or your ladies!)

~ And finally, enjoy the process. Picking out adornments is a special and sacred ritual and should be fun! If you are selecting jewellery for your bridesmaids, know that they will love and appreciate whatever you choose for them. Breathe deeply, listen to your intuition, and cherish this beautiful time in your life."

If you're wanting to connect with Naaz and talk to her more about jewellery, feng shui, or reiki, you can reach her at any of the links below: Instagram Facebook Website

You're also more than welcome to spread the love and positive vibes down in the comments by interacting with either Naaz or I and letting us know what you think of this wedding vendor series so far (even though it's just begun!!). As always if you have any questions, you can also leave those down below and I'll answer whatever that I can.