Hand Stamped Place Setting ☮ The Barefoot Bride {DIY}

Place settings for our wedding dinner was something that we just seemed to be at a loss for; we had no idea how to show our guests where to sit to eat, and weren't even sure if having place settings was something that we were going to end up doing. This process began to form one evening when we were in Lee Valley (one of Mark's favourite stores haha). For a few months now, we've wanted to buy a metal punch kit just to have on hand for any future crafts; little did we know that we would put it into use sooner than we had anticipated! We started talking about somehow incorporating the metal punch into creating some sort of name tag/take home for our guests. We toyed with the idea of just using a rectangle of metal, or somehow making a necklace, etc etc, long story short, we settled on the idea of tracking down circular tags + key rings, and creating a name setting that can also be used a keychain or take home tag. DSC_6547

Here's what you'll need for this DIY:

  • Metal valve tags of your choosing (these come in countless shapes + sizes! We ordered these ones)
  • A metal letting + number punch kit
  • A hammer
  • Key rings (we ordered ours from etsy)
  • A sharpie
  • This isn't necessary but it's reaaallly helpful; a piece of metal to punch on (makes the process a lot easier!)


1. Use your hammer to punch whatever you want into your metal tags (this takes some practice!) 2. Cover what you just punched in black sharpie making sure you fill in all the indents; wipe off the excess sharpie with finger or a rag 3. Attach punched tag to key ring


This DIY is so simple, but was such a fun process to go through with Mark! We cannot WAIT to see how these are going to look at our wedding dinner this coming Saturday!!! Feel free to hit the LIKE button below this post and/or share with whoever you think may be interested!!