Let's be Honest.

All of my life, honesty has always been the "positive side" of a coin, where lying and deceitfulness occupied the opposite side. Honesty has always seemed to be more of a threat than anything else; it has developed some sort of a stigma along the line, and has been spun to adapt a negative connotation when honesty--in the sense of telling the truth--isn't practiced. When did "honesty" lose it's beauty? kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0025

Over the course of the past year, this word has become entirely new to be; it has been reborn and rebranded in the most incredible light. Honesty is raw; it is the entirely unfiltered serenity or untethered chaos. It is emotions & sentiments in their purest of forms. Honesty is that split second of thought or process before exterior voices alter it's purity. I fall in love with strangers by their natural ability to inadvertently show me a piece of their soul.