This Isn't Me - {Honest Thoughts}

This isn't me just being someone capable of clicking a button.

This isn't me getting hired because you assume a photographer, is a photographer, is a photographer.

This isn't me lowering what I'm worth because there are too many photographers in my city and I feel as though that's the only way I can compete.

This isn't me engaging in competition.

DSC_8402 This is about you being so comfortable with my presence that you don't even notice me capturing your smiles and tears amidst your laughter + hugs.

This is about me being there for your rehearsal dinner BBQ because over this process we've become close friends.

This is about us getting together countless times between now and your wedding for wine and time to catch up with each other.

This is your family knowing me by my first name, not as the “photographer”.

This is about us meeting up for the first time with the sole intention of getting to know each other's hearts, not to talk money, wedding, and push paperwork onto you.

This is about me showing up early on the day of your wedding simply because I can't wait to see you.

This is about us being flexible with budgets and costs because you're eloping in Iceland, or exiting your ceremony in a Westfalia van.

This is about you and your fiance being equally excited to curate this incredible reflection of who you both are as people, as well as a couple.

This is about finding me via mutual energies and connections, not because you typed “photographer” into google and my name was one that came up.

This is about showing up—uninhibited--two energies more interested in creating an experience rather than processing a transaction.