Wander With Us - Houston, Texas

Today marks our first FULL day in Houston, and I can successfully say that we've not only managed to see more in the last 24 hours that most Houstonians have, but we've also escaped unscathed from this amazingly sweltering Texas heat (it was 38 degrees today!!). This morning, we started out heading downtown to the Chase tower. It's the corporate headquarters for the Chase bank, but there's this AMAZING lookout lobby on the 60th floor where you can simply stand and look out over half of Houston & beyond! We also did a mini walking loop around downtown and checked out a beautiful city-centred park called Discovery Green, before moving on to a different part of the city! I'm so wonderfully surprised at how culturally diverse and immersive Houston is; there's an amazing district (Museum District) close to Rice University, and it's home to the Children's Museum, the Contemporary Arts Museum, The Holocaust Museum, The Museum of Natural Science, The Health Museum, Buffalo Soldiers Museum, the Houston Zoo, and MORE. Not only is the museum and art sector booming, the city is also filled with so many interactive and popular green spaces, which Mark and I are absolutely loving!! DSC_5966DSC_5968DSC_5969 After getting our fill of downtown, we made our way to the infamous "Beer Can House" in a local Houston neighbourhood. It's pretty self explanatory haha but I'll leave you with one shot of it. If you google it, more photos will come up!!

DSC_5971 Once leaving the Beer Can House, we made another detour to the Rothko Chapel; if you have no idea what it is (like me before going there) take a quick second to read this. It was a pretty remarkable experience to sit in the space for only a few minutes, so I could only imagine how stimulating and inspiring it would be to come to the chapel frequently like a lot of locals do. (No pictures were allowed here so you'll have to check it out online!)

THEN, we finally decided to head over to Amy's Ice Cream; a local(ish) chain that makes in house ice cream (it was extremely similar to Marble Slab!) In case you're wondering ;) I had white chocolate ice cream with cookie dough in it; it basically turned into cold soup the second I started eating it, but nevertheless, it was amaaaazing!!

DSC_5980DSC_5981 Lastly, what's a trip to the US without a stop at Trader Joe's. Can we just take a second and appreciate how amazing food prices are in the states....? The fact that I took a picture of my groceries for this blog post is slightly nerdy, but regardless, I had to share ;) EVERYTHING pictured below (yes that's a bottle of wine AND four beer) cost $40. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING is organic and SUPER yummy haha. I did a quick calculation, and this stuff would proooobably cost around $75-90 bucks back at home....so it definitely deserves to be featured at the end of this blog post haha

DSC_5984 We ended our day poolside taking in this sweet summer heat. I'm eager to continue sharing what we get up to down here, and even MORE eager for Saturday's elopement! WOOOO!!