Planning Your Intimate Outdoor Wedding

I first dubbed myself an intimate outdoor wedding and elopement photographer over six years ago, long before the buzzword “intimate” took the photography world by storm. As it turns out, once the idea that your wedding celebration could literally be built however you’d like it to be, rather than following the traditional mould of what a wedding has always looked like in prior decades, more and more couples began to gravitate towards more intimate-wedding decisions that better reflected what they envisioned their wedding day to look like. This shift in wedding planning has been such a step in the right direction!!

What is an intimate wedding?

An intimate wedding is and can be unique to everyone planning one for themselves, but in my experience as an intimate wedding and elopement photographer, intimate weddings include those in your life who make a direct impact on yourselves and your relationship, day in and day out. They are generally smaller in size, ranging from two guests or witnesses, and climbing upwards to 35 or so of your closest relationships. Intimate weddings bring together the few (or many) human hearts who support who you are as individuals, as well as a couple, without hesitation or expectation.

Intimate weddings can take on many forms, which is why they have taken the wedding industry by storm; as human beings, we are drawn to whatever makes us feel most alive, and having our eyes opened to the realization that we can - and should - cultivate a wedding celebration that reflects our truest selves is an enticing and tempting path to wander down.


What better way to share an honest look into intimate outdoor weddings, than by sharing with you a handful of real life intimate weddings that I’ve had the privilege of being a part of as my couples’ photographer.

I’ve included behind the scene vlogs of a few of my favourite weddings over the past 8 years, but if you’re not interested in watching the videos in length, I’ve also included a few images for you as well that will hopefully spark or fuel whatever intimate outdoor wedding plans that you’ve been dreaming up thus far!

Tips and Reminders for Planning Your Intimate Outdoor Wedding

No matter what sort of wedding celebration you are planning, I hope that you remember these few tips and reminders:

  • When it comes to planning your intimate wedding, a great place to start is to begin by collecting visual elements and inspiration that fit your thoughts thus far. This is going to help you stay on track with what you’re envisioning

  • Having a strong vision for your day is also going to allow you to stay strong in the face of unsolicited wedding planning advice. The stronger you believe in your vision, the easier it will be to help bring it into fruition

  • Start by making the bigger decisions first and then work your way out from there (some of the bigger ones are things like: date, venue, photographer, etc)

  • DO YOU. Your day should be a reflective of yourselves, as individuals, as well as a couple, and the incredibly unique one-of-a-kind relationship and life that you share.

No matter how you decide to plan your intimate wedding day, the most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to do so; what matters the most is the your choices are reflective on you and your partner’s feelings and wants. Every decision that you have made throughout your life - both as individuals, as well as a couple - has led you to this very moment, and that alone deserves to be celebrated in a way that is most reflective of who you both are and the relationship that you share.

Before you go!

If you’re feeling a little bit of planning-overwhelm, I would encourage you to take a second and download my mini planning checklist; if nothing else, it should begin to alleviate some of the stresses and overwhelm that planning a marriage celebration can tend to bring to the surface. I’d also love to strongly invite you to reach out if you’re wanting to get started planning your own intimate wedding or elopement, but just need a bit more guidance on where and how to begin; I’ve photographed so many incredible elopements and intimate outdoor weddings for local couples, as well have aided to guide and do some of the footwork for couples outside of Canada who needed help choosing a space outdoors that felt right for their own celebration, as well as seek out some trusted recommendations for other local vendors to be a part of their day.