Currently - June 19, 2014

I saw a similar mini "update" post on one of my favourite bloggers' Brianna's website last week and thought that it would be a fun mini-personal post to do on a rainy day....annnnd considering that we're going on day four of rain today, I figured now is as good as time as ever to fill out this mini-questionnaire! Making lists (can't stop, won't stop) lists are seriously the only thing that I always have to do if I want to feel even the slightest bit organized. Drinking insane amounts of water Reading Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings Wanting the rain to stop, or at least ease up so that I can get outside and shoot Playing "Cold is the Night" the Oh Hellos Wishing that it felt like summer Enjoying settling into "our place" in Calgary ;) Waiting (impatiently) for my wildflowers to grow in the garden Loving spending everyday with family--it's such a nice change compared to it just being Mark and I all of the time (not that I mind that either! haha) Hoping to get outside once the rain slows and collect supplies for floral crowns Marvelling at how creative, unique, and talented some of my friends are!! Wearing's hardly noon (& I work from home so let's be serious) Thinking about making a latte.... Feeling anxious & eager! I've been cooped up indoors for too long, sheltering from the rain, and I neeeed to shoot something creative soon.


And as this blog post is entitled "Currently" it only seemed fair to share a photo of me right this moment. Ohhh geez if you guys could have seen the process being this self-portrait...let's just say that forgetting your tripod in Mark's truck made this extremely hard and awkward to set up...hahah and it definitely doesn't help that we're right across from an elementary school, so all of the parents picking up their kids from kindergarten must've had a good laugh..

Want to play the game too?? Copy and paste the section above into the comments and fill my answers in with your own!! :)