Kaihla - Free Spirit Session

Sometimes my life reaches a point where things sort of just stop flowing; for whatever the reason, everything just decides to slowly come to a halt, until it feels like they're even working against me. There's obviously infinite reasons as to why this could start happening, but most recently for myself, it was the result of trying to force too many things; trying to bring too many ambitions into fruition at once, without giving each avenue the attention & care that it deserved. Somewhere a long the lines, I lost balance, and began having trouble making room for everything that I was trying so frantically to accomplish. I believe that the unconscious pressure of only having a couple of months to spend in Calgary, with a plethora of things that I wanted to get done, left me feeling creatively blocked, emotionally spent, and for lack of a better term, sad. You know those times when you feel sad, or you're in the middle of bawling your eyes out, and when asked "what's wrong?!", you simply respond with an honest "I really don't know"...because in truth, you really do not know, and all you DO know is that you feel a little bit sad. Well that's what I was in the midst of, a constant little cloud of sad. Inquiries were at a stand still, creativity seemed out of reach, and most importantly, that firery passion to create, was on the verge of extinguishing, with absolutely nothing fanning the flame. Have you felt that way before?

**All images were taken by my wonderful bearded fella, Mark Lafond**

kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0030Last Friday, I had the absolute honour of meeting Naaz--who just also happens to be one of the world's BEST huggers :) If you haven't heard of Earth Elements, it is a company owned by the lovely Naaz in which she not only offers  Feng Shui consulting, but she also makes and sells the most incredible jewellery based around crystals, as well as mala beads. Naaz and I were meeting to discuss an upcoming session that we're working on that's going to feature her incredible jewellery & positive energy (be on the look  out for that session happening August 16th!!). Even before meeting Naaz I had this persistent feeling that simply getting to know her would in some way, shape, or form, alter my state of being in a very good way. I am a big believer in putting out energy positively and being open to reaping the seeds that have been sown, and I really believe that Naaz aided me in rep-opening that inspiration valve that had closed without my knowing.

After leaving my hang out with Naaz, Mark & I set off to find a river location that we could use for her session & sessions to come (and if you follow me on Facebook, then you know how much of a struggle is has been for me to find the perfect place!), and not 10 minutes after our coffee-date, we came across an incredibly breathtaking location that was not only secluded, but warm, and BEAUTIFUL! Mark & I were so incredibly smitten with this location that we woke up at 6:30 AM the next morning, packed up our coffee, and headed down to the river for a session (feel free to check out Instagram for a behind the scenes shot!). I had the opportunity to be photographed in the water, as the river's steam rose with the sun. Not only was this the renewal & revival that I had been needing all this time, but we figured that if I'm going to be photographing other Free Spirited woman in these waters, then it's only fair that I get in there and do it myself first so that I can empathize with them if the water is a bit chilly ;)

kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0025kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0026kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0027kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0028kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0029kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0031kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0032kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0033kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0034kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0035kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0040kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0036kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0037kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0039kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0038kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0041Have you been intrigued by my Free Spirit Sessions and would like to know more?? Send me an email kaihla@kaihlatonai.com and we can talk more about it! I would also love to let you know that I will be heading back to Edmonton at the end of this month until May 2015, and only have 4 openings for sessions between now & then, so feel free to get a hold of me if you would like to snatch one of those up! :)

**All images were taken by my wonderful bearded fella, Mark Lafond**