KARLEY - Free Spirit Retreat

I don't want to spend too much time on this introduction, because these woman, their images, and their stories speak so beautifully for themselves. We are forever humbled to have had these incredible souls be a part of this first ever Free Spirit Retreat. Push play on the song below; all of the following words are by Karley. [audio mp3="http://www.kaihlatonai.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/26-13530-post/Tall-Heights-Spirit-Cold.mp3"][/audio]


Worthiness is something that I've always struggled with, and it's because I've always connected it to being dependent on things (worthy because i'm successful, or looking pretty etc). You know in your head that your worthiness isn't dependant on that but it's so much easier to know that in your head rather than to truly believe it. For me I always find new areas in my life where I think that I'm not worthy; i'm discovering that, and I'm sabotaging myself by thinking that my worthiness is dependant on my success, or my looks, like stupid things you know? It's just really freeing to constantly be reminding myself that being worthy isn't dependant on anything.


What is something that we cannot see by looking at this picture? It has to do with everything that we've talked about to this point. This with putting yourself out there and not giving a fuck what people think or being able to be real and be raw without letting my comfort zone limit myself; without letting my fears and insecurities stop me. Getting naked on the side of a cliff is one thing, and honestly I really like being naked and it's not really out of my comfort zone, but being naked on facebook is; definitely out of my comfort zone, so I think that part of it kind of takes it to that level for me.


What did you take out of the retreat? So much. My cup was so full after the retreat. I was just so inspired by being around women who were constantly just speaking their truths and being real and letting themselves be vulnerable around each other. It's just so amazing to be around that constantly for three days. Just the richness in all of the conversation; it was just nurturing for my soul and I left being so filled up; physically and emotionally. I felt as though I was really well nourished and taken care of. When I left I found that I had such high expectations for myself like in the way that I interact with people in my relationships and for my body physically. What does your life look like when you don't play small, and when you expect a lot from yourself?

What would be your sisterly advice to future tribe members who are thinking about attending a retreat? There's just so much that you're going to learn and take from it. Come with an open heart and be prepared to be transformed, bond with sisters, and have an amazing time. I don't know what other advice they'd need going into it because I feel as though the people who would be attracted to this kind of retreat is someone that would kind of already do that. I think for most people it would be a bit out of their comfort zone to go to a place here why don't really know anyone or don't know exactly what to expect, so yeah just know that your big expectations won't fall short.