Kori Leigh

Kori has become my older-twin-sister, if that could ever be a thing; our similarities are uncanny, yet she holds a deep wisdom far beyond my own years that guides and advises me daily. This was the fifth time that I've photographed her, and it's remarkable to be a part of such a bond of trust; she doesn't question my method, the positions I twist her into, or the ideas that come to me mid-session. [audio mp3="http://www.kaihlatonai.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/banners-shine-a-light-audio.mp3"][/audio]

shine a light - banners


If you would like to see why we wanted a darker approach to these images, feel free to check out Kori's social media; darkness is her jam, and she can put the reasoning behind these images into words even better than I can.

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