KRISTA - Free Spirit Retreat

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Am I worthy? Yes and no. I know that's kind of a strange answer but thats how I feel. Internally I feel sure of what I have to offer; every moment I trust my intuition I know that I'm taking a right step and i'm really starting to trust and honour that now, so that's amazing. But then there's always that side that will come up that begs “Are you worthy? Really?” it's something that I have to continually choose; some days I say yes, and some days I say no. I don't know if we every feel totally worthy in our lifetime. Being in human form, I thin it's a constant yes and no. This retreat was great for that, it allowed me to really really feel worthy internally and then feel it externally. I think worthiness is a dance, and we're always dancing just sometimes we're leading, and sometimes we're not. It's fluid.


Were you scared to come to the retreat? No, I was really excited. I was scared to have my photo taken. I am not afraid to connect with people. I think there was a lot of connection and that was good for the group energetically, but like for me I could have gone further. That was perfect for the group because I think that was already really vulnerable for people.

What gave you the courage to show up anyway? Just like wanting to play bigger. Even saying yes and spending the money. I think that's a really big thing; I can only speak for myself but i think it transcends me, is that women are very emotional with their finances. We're very attached to our finances in a way that men aren't. Spending money on something also says I'm worthy of this amount. It was an investment for me because I had never ever ever spent that sort of money on something like this before. So for me that was really important because saying yes to that was saying yes to greatness. $1400 dollars, so what? These connections, there is no amount of money that would be too much for this sort of thing to unfold. The courage was saying yes that you are worthy, or doing it anyway even if you don't feel worthy. For me it was a no brainer.

Were you glad you did? Of course. Yeah it was really life changing in a lot of ways. I'm glad I got to come just to get to know you guys better; and to get to know the women in the retreat better. There were people that I really got to connect with on deep levels.

Where else can you apply that courage in your life? I'm gong to apply it everywhere; I'm stepping up. Theres such a powerful energy. I knew the retreat for me would be a step in the right direction, I felt really called to go. I plan on keep putting one foot in front of the other, and just trusting my intuition. Everywhere, all of it.