Learning to Knit - Embracing Winter Hobbies

My sister taught me how to knit last Christmas. Since I had never learnt how before--and always wanted to--we spent some of Christmas vacation cozied up by the roaring fire, tangled in knitting needles and wool. Since I'm notorious for starting a new hobby and never finishing it, my half-knitted scarf sat in a closet for 11 months before my interest re-peaked. Last week, I decided to pick up some new wool, something really thick and neutral coloured. I started knitting en route to Jasper last Saturday, and finally finished up my "infinity scarf" this past Friday. Since I'm only just beginning, I started by knitting just a plain scarf and then attached the ends together, dubbing it an infinity scarf. Once I get better, I'm going to try using the other apparatus that helps to create an actual--seamless--infinity scarf. If you're looking for a good tutorial or YouTube video to get you started, THIS ONE is the best I've found thus far--definitely a good, quick way to learn all the basics you need to know!

The finished product was certainly finished just in time for the soft dusting of snow that began to cover Edmonton over the weekend.


Isn't there something  so romantic about the first snowfall? Granted, this wasn't a HUGE snow dump, but it's just enough to make you fall in love with winter all over again--if only for a few weeks. We all know that winter around here lasts way too long, but it's a lot of fun to focus on the positives of this cozy season, and to just embrace the winter wonderland and all of it's beauty.

Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0031 Have you been wanting to take up knitting, but have been afraid that it's either too hard or too granny-like to try out? Let me tell you two things: first of all, it's a LOT easier than you think! Obviously you won't be able to knit something crazy like a sweater or toque right away, but simple things like this scarf are waaaay doable. Secondly, being granny-like has it's perks. I'll embrace a "granny status" any day of the week if it means cozying up inside with tea and some knitting needles.

What is a hobby that you've been wanting to pick up but haven't gotten around to yet?? I challenge you to get out there this winter, and try ONE thing that you've always wanted to do!