Let the River in - October 30, 2014

I've found that the realest version of ourself lies deep within that exterior shell, in the comfort of own own safe place, when we allow ourself to truly BE ourselves. I believe that the truest version of ourselves is wrapped in our struggles, buried beneath our successes. The realest form of who we are is apparent when we break down at the end of long and overly stressful week. As a photographer--but more importantly as a human--I find that those flickering glimpses into your soul paint you in the most incredibly beautiful and vulnerable light.

"Let the river in, burst the dams and start again". (listen to this)

You don't need to hold it all in, you don't need to put on an act for anybody. I know that it's hard. I know that it might make you feel uncomfortable. But I also know that your honesty with yourself & those around you is one of the most incredible and beautiful qualities that you possess. The honesty of real life is so courageous; so vulnerably inspiring. I try to always preach honesty and vulnerability, which is why a goal of my is to also practice those qualities as well. These past few weeks have been weird and subconsciously stressful for me, and I wasn't aware of the toll that it was taking on my body until I finally saw my Naturopath a few days ago, and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. The struggles and plan changes that had wrecked havoc on our October had left me riddled with headaches, worried, and inevitably exhausted. Everything fell apart, one thing after the other, and I was trying so hard to hold it all in my hands as it continually crumbled. After leaving my Doctor appointment, I not only realized the importance of treating your body right and listening to it when it's trying to tell you something, but I also learned that you have to be able to release some of that control that I tend to grasp so tightly to.


These self portraits are so much more than images for me; they mark my beginning of overcoming this adrenal fatigue and starting to feel better. They remind me that some things just aren't within my control and that it's okay to let go. They remind me that I can't keep chasing people who may not value my friendship as much as I had thought they did. They reinstate the fire that I have for capturing other Free Spirited ladies with their own story to tell. Ultimately, they remind me of who I am, and what I believe in, at this exact point in my life.


I will always be here to listen to your story, to embrace your vulnerability, to cherish your honesty, and celebrate who you are and what you believe in. I've always identified with being a listener, and I've always waited for people to come to me; because, I believe that when people are ready--and when they need it the most--that they will let you in.

P.S Need a super inspirational and honest playlist to listen to? I've been listening NON STOP to this one: Autumn Comfort ☮