December 2015 -

For a long time I felt this negative pressure to refrain from being a paid mentor from other people in the photographic community; it was demonstrated that you must start with many years of gruelling work, add on years of failures and triumphs, learn all there is to possibly know about your craft, and then maybe then—and only then—should you share those things with people that are “less than” you an incredibly high cost, of course. I've gone back and forth, wavering on this strange fear of not sharing what I've learned for any sort of compensation, for fear of being judged for not yet “putting in my time”. I am proud of where I am right now, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be at this safe place had I listened to that outside pressure to keep playing it small and just work at putting in my time. I've played around with mentoring this past summer, but internally could feel myself holding back for fear of stepping on anyone else's toes. Why is this one aspect of my life so hard to release control over, when I know—and celebrate—how untraditionally I run every other area of my business and life? Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There is potential for bullies in every aspect of our lives; but, they can only have effect on who we are if we choose to let them in when they wrap their knuckles on the front doors of our self-worth. There are people that are going to tell you that you aren't allowed to mentor others because you've only been at it for two years. There are people who are going to judge you for going against tradition. There are people who are going to try and tear you back down to their level because they're too afraid to step up and meet you where you are. There are people who will scoff at your business model because you like to share all that you know with those around you rather than holding tight to the knowledge that you've collected on your own.

In the past 5 days, I've had similar conversations with four different people, and all four times that I've shared the same sentences and thoughts with each of them, the word “MENTORING” popped so vividly into my train of thought, and refrained from fading. I've learned (and be shown) this week that life gives us the signs and the opportunities that we're asking for, they just don't always arrive in the form that we expect them to. For me, I know that mentoring is something that I've felt that I need to do from the very beginning and regardless of whatever it is that wants to take place outside of my own life + thoughts, I'm prepared to put my blinders on and head full force into sharing everything that I have to give to those in my life that are prepared to learn whole-heartedly alongside of me.

Right now, I'm working on creating a program for photographers (or potentially small business owners in general) that is tailored to taking that next step in their process. I am so unbelievably passionate about B R A N D I N G, helping others discover their W H Y, and learning how to integrate that into their lives + social media (with a heavy emphasis on Instagram), so that is where I am going to begin!

It's going to be open internationally with accountability meetings via FaceTime or the phone, and I am so EXCITED about it. I am hoping to roll this out either mid-December or at the start of the New Year, with very limited spaces available. IF you would like to be put on an info-email list, leave your email address below OR email and I'll be sure to get you more information as soon as it's released.