Little Life Update - June 2016

I'm sitting outside in the sunshine, surrounded by our jungle of a backyard and I just finished reading this old blog post. It's so remarkable what can happen in just two years, how everything can shift to such a void of unknowingness, to perhaps not necessarily a place of knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going, but rather simply knowing myself better than I once did in the years previous. I don't believe that the unknown ever goes away; that is the very essence of this life I would say, but you do find out more about yourself over the years. We are two weeks into wedding season, and I'm kind of at a weird place. I'm stuck between being proud of how far I've come, while simultaneously feeling as though I'm not doing enough, or trying hard enough, or learning enough. Every winter I feel as though I become stagnant, and I feel as though I lose a little part of myself. This past winter in particular, I feel as though I became so involved with other things, that I neglected to tend to the flame that I've always wanted to fan first: being a wedding photographer. As I start to sink back into this comfortable, yet ever changing role of wedding photographer, I'm just on the hunt for more. I'm eager to be better than I was last year. I'm yearning to learn more from other people. I'm just ready to propel full force into growth. I'll let you know how this journey pans out haha **insert sweaty forehead emoji.

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Onto more update-y matters, as promised, Mark and I are basically all settled into our new house in Calgary. That's not to say that our house is completely "ready" (whatever that means), since we still need to organize and finish the bedroom, as well as come up with a layout and storage plan for the office; but, we're revelling in the fact that we have a glorious green and garden-filled backyard. We wouldn't change a thing about our adorable little abode.

Last Tuesday, we bought a brand new vehicle! We actually traded in Mark's truck in order to obtain a brand new VW sibling for our Ellie Blue Vanagon. For months now we've been talking about getting something a little more fuel efficient, so we sought out a 2016 VW Tiguan, and we are so smitten with her. I had never before bought a new vehicle, let alone own one as my own, so that's been really fun. I'm so proud of Mark and I, and the fact that we were able to make this happen for ourselves.

Aside from the new vehicle and the commencement of wedding season, I've just been taking any spare time and focusing it on working on myself, my business, and all that I have to offer as far as being a wedding photographer goes. I'm also on a brand new journey of mentoring someone for the entirety of the summer. I've missed sharing what I have to offer with other business owners + photographers, so I can guarantee that you'll be hearing lots more about this as the summer progresses.

If you're curious about more, you're always welcome to ask any + all questions down below and I'll answer whatever I can. I'm always usually trying to post on snapchat (username: kaihlatonai), and I've begun weekend vlogging and will continue to do so all summer long! You can catch up on some of my vlogs over on my YouTube Channel.

I've missed being on here. There will be lots more personal posts to come :)

xx Kaihla