You are Light + Shadow

I am learning that loving the entirety of who I am is the most gracious thing that I can do for myself. I'm being taught that as human beings, we are comprised of two sides: the light, and the shadow; the light being all that radiates out of our hearts for the wellbeing of ourselves and for those around us, and the shadow being qualities that we instinctively feel as though we need to hide from society, or from everyone other than our life partner.We hide those bits of who we are because we are shameful; shameful because somewhere along the line we became afraid of the dark; afraid of the very qualities that are responsible for making us human. We cannot live our light without the embracing the dark.

My shadow qualities are: insecurity, lack, fear, hurt, and inadequacy.

DSC_8316-2 It is okay to live in the light; to work hard, gather inspiration, and grow. But, don't forget about your other friends who are waiting for your acknowledgement. Don't forget that those qualities are what make you an intricately beautiful being, just as much as your light qualities aid in doing so. Don't forget to take them by hand--when you need to--and check in with where they're at just as often as you celebrate with the qualities that bring you you.

We would have never known light without the presence of a shadow, just as we wouldn't be blessed with your life without knowing the tragically beautiful depths of your shadow.