Magical Subject Brightening Brush - Lightroom Tutorial

My shooting and editing style has always been one right in mid tones; when I shoot, I'm always shooting underexposed (which helps me to attain my style later when I'm editing), and then when I am editing, I like to maintain a mid tone image, without any areas being incredibly light and airy, or anything being so dark that we lose detail.

This can sometimes lead to a struggle though, depending on your shooting and image situation:

what if you want to edit for an image rich in colour and tone, but begin to lose too much of your subjects details in order to maintain a mid tone image exposure?

Let me re-explain just to ensure that made sense.
For myself, I often either shoot underexposed or bring the exposure down when I'm editing, but that can often lead to my subject ending up too dark or shadowed.

So what can we do to fix this? At the end of this post are the settings to a custom Lightroom brush that I created years ago and have had people dub it the "Kaihla Tonai magic editing brush" ever since I started sharing the settings. I've included a little editing video right here too so that you can see the brush in action, as well as a before and after.

I explain in the video the key to getting the most out of the brush, but just to reiterate: the most important part of using this brush effectively is ensuring that you always keep the flow super low if you want to avoid things starting to look unnatural + strange to the viewer.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 10.01.20 AM.png

Questions for me about the brush or the editing walkthrough?

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