WE GOT MARRIED -- June 23rd, 2015

We've been playing around with words simply trying to figure out how to clearly differentiate both our marriage ceremony that happened this past Tuesday, with our full wedding + vow ceremony that is taking place on July 25th. Since our wedding in Golden is so incredibly intimate, with only 34 guests, we wanted to keep everything "internal", so to speak. I am doing my own hair and makeup, our friends are playing our ceremony music, we are organizing and cooking our own food, and a close friend/cousin is presiding over our vow ceremony. By having a friend be a part of our ceremony, not only would it be more personal, but it would also be a greater reflection of Mark and I and the relationship that we share together; however, because our friend isn't a commissioner, we wouldn't legally be married without tying the knot--before on after our wedding--in front of someone who is authorized to performa marriage in Alberta. Originally we had planned to get married simply at a courthouse--is that even a thing, or just something that you see on the movies?? haha. After a bit of thought we decided that even though--to us--this isn't our true wedding celebration, that it should still be a reflection of who we are as a couple.

IMG_6416 **image by T.Renee (more to come on her social media!)

When it came to choosing when to hold our legal marriage ceremony, we decided to go with Tuesday, June 23rd--my parents' anniversary. They just celebrated their 31st year of marriage this past Tuesday, and there isn't another day that we would rather commence our own legal journey of marriage on than the date that has been of such great significance to me the entirety of my childhood. Together with my sister, brother-in-law, and incredibly good friend Teresa, we piled into our truck and headed out to our favourite river spot (where we worked on writing our vows last week). We made our way through the lush green forest together until we reached the river rocks. We left our shoes behind, held hands and stood in front of Julie (our commissioner) in the most awe-inspiring surroundings. As soon as the marriage ceremony began, the sky opened up and it began to pour rain in unison with the shinning sun. We promised our love to one another as water rolled down our faces and soaked our clothing. We could not have asked for a more cleansing start to this journey together. As the ceremony drew to a close, the last drops of rain fell from the sky before halting completely. Along with three of our favourite people, we popped champagne and laughed together in the riverbed, truly mystified by what had just taken place.

To Mark and I, these celebrations are two separate entities, both so incredibly special to us. This legal celebration was the perfect answer to the longings of my free-spirited heart; but as much as it was surreal to be a part of something so incredibly small in the astounding presence of Mother Nature, the thought of being surrounded by all of OUR people on July 25th, fills our hearts with a whole new level of excitement and gratitude. Each and every one of you who are coming to our vow celebration in Golden, truly mean more to us than you'll ever know. We cherish who you are as individuals, as well as the impact that you've had on our lives. We can't wait to hug you, and to catch up with you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join us in the mountains--we are honestly more grateful than words can convey.