Gloria + Graeme - Medicine Hat In-Home Engagement Session


Picture a heritage home, just shy of 100 years old and full of the most incredible character and quirks that your mind can imagine; now, imagine that home surrounded by a 10 foot tall fence of the most fragrant purple lilacs; standing tall, yet swaying gently in a summer breeze. Can you feel the breeze? Hear the bumblebees and the birds as the sun starts it's descent? Welcome to Gloria + Graeme's engagement session; it was all of those things and more.

These three (Mumford, is there amazing goldendoodle!) welcomed Mark, Birdy, and I into their family home for the weekend and treated us oh so well. We spent some time during our first evening together capturing them together, and then woke up the following morning to share coffee before diving back into even more in-home photos. 

I'm endlessly grateful for these people. My people. 
Thank you for being yourselves, and in doing so, being so wonderfully generous with your time, energy, and space.