Mixed-Fabric Triangle Banners ☮ The Barefoot Bride {DIY}

Mark and I had always wanted strands of those little bulb lights at our wedding; but it wasn't until further into the planning process that we realized that we wanted a little something to incorporate within the light strands. Mark had the idea of getting our hands on some triangle shaped banners, and after discovering that IKEA sells fabric by the yard for SUPER affordable prices (did YOU know this?? So awesome!), we decided that we were going to make our own! Much like anything else that I share in terms of a DIY project, take as much or as little from this guideline that you would like. DSC_4563

First things first, you have to figure out how big you'd like your triangles to be; once you have that sorted, I'd suggest making yourself a template out of cardboard for ease of tracing and duplicating the triangles. From there, use a fabric cutter to cut out all the triangles that you're going to want (p.s you neeeed a rolly cutter for the fabric, or there's a good chance you'll get angry very fast if you try and use scissors for all of these little triangles haha). From there, fold over the edge (for where the string will go through) and then pin your fold. Using your sewing machine, stitch the hem, leaving enough room for your cord or string to fit through the remaining opening.


I thought I'd also include an iPhone shot of the banners in action during our reception :) Thanks Chels for the picture! I'm sure you'll see plenty more of the triangle banners + lights in use once we get our wedding photos back!