Hello Monday

Coming home after being away for a while is up there on my list of all time favourite things. Also on that list of favourite things, is the smell of springtime rain. Last night, as Mark and I walked out of the airport in Edmonton, we were able to experience BOTH of those things; not only was the air bursting with that incredible post-rain-fresh scent, but the trees were blossoming with leaves and flowers--seriously, what a rad welcome home. This morning was a bit slow going, but isn't that always the case after a long day of travel? As Mark headed off to school, I got a jumpstart on Ashley + Clint's Houston elopement (did I mention that wedding is hitting the blog tomorrow morning??!), and as much as I LOVE travelling and experiencing new places and meeting new friends, I do love settling back into a routine. kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer-1 I suppose that the one downfall of coming home after being away is the lack of food back at home (& let's be honest, the laziness and undesirable thought of grocery shopping after a long day of travel!) hence my frozen gluten-free pizza that pushed me through my lunch hour edits...Anyway, that was all a super long tangent to let you know that I'm back, and I'm more than ready to start shooting in our beautiful city that is finally bursting with the sense of spring!! Also, I'm pumped for my Gather + Grow class that is happening this SATURDAY, May 31st in Edmonton; send me a note if you or someone you may know might be interested in learning how to use their DSLR camera :)

P.S If you're at home editing, in need of a playlist and are an indie/folk-loving nerd like myself, you MUST give this playlist a listen!!