Monday, May 25, 2015 -- My Summer Promises

Mornings have turned into quiet shared time between Mark and I, where we're able to relish in these early moments before the sun rises into the big blue sky, and cherish the calming minutes in our sun-soaked living room before they tend to slip away into the bustle of the day. These days have been fleeting faster than I can even process the events that take place within their hours, and I've been struggling to hold myself accountable to remembering these sweet moments. When I first started blogging--long before photography--I would log in and jot down thoughts, inspiration, summations of my every day life, and I miss having those tangible thoughts + memories to look back on. Especially as these days start to pick up speed, and we start rolling into the busiest time of the year (starting with Jodie + Joel next weekend!! Wooooo!!!), I don't want to neglect these pages, have our days slip away without documentation, or have the hilarious parts of this journey fade into nothingness. Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

This summer I vow to take the time to document this incredible life. I promise to live in these precious moments, yet still capture enough iPhone snaps to have when to look back on when the memories begin to slip away. I promise to serve those in my life to the very best of my ability, yet I will also promise my own self quiet moments of solitude + reflection. I promise to get outside and live actively in the midst of the chaos, as well as to be okay with those days where lazing around just feels like the better option. I promise to grow as an artist as well as a person, but I also promise to allow myself the grace of being okay when I make mistakes along the way. I promise to be brave + to chase the longings of my free spirited soul, yet I also promise to treat the fearful parts of my being with kindness and understanding.

What is your promise to yourself this summer?

p.s With wedding season coming into full swing, it's still a goal of mine to produce blog posts a minimum of FOUR (Monday-Thursday) blog posts per week, with the additional weekend update or summary. I absolutely love coming up with blog + life content, but sometimes the tank gets a little low. If you have ANY topics or questions or ideas or recipes that you'd like to see on these pages, I would forever appreciate your suggestions + ideas. I currently have a couple of drink recipes in the works, as well as another video editing tutorial (maybe for some wedding images this time??), but am open to any of your thoughts + ideas! Feel free to leave them below OR send them to me via email {}