Naaz - Free Spirit Session ft. Earth Elements

“Think thoughts that make you happy.Do things that make you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good.”                                                       -Louise L. Hay

Life is too short to not be surrounded by like-minded individuals who make you happy. Friendships should bring you an abundance of love, laughter, light; they should challenge you, inspire you, and make you a better person. I am forever grateful for the guiding light that brought Naaz into our life, and for the amazing ability of social media to bring like-minded souls together. Her personality is so open, her spirit is eager to share & teach, and her laughter is contagious.

kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0048Naaz is a jewellery designer, Reiki Master, and Feng Shui Consultant; she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to crystals and their healing powers, and I'm so thankful for the information that she has already shared with me. I urge you to share a conversation with her if you ever get the opportunity; I promise that you'll leave it feeling positive, inspired, and empowered :) Be sure and follow the links below to find Naaz (& Earth Elements) on social media, and DEFINITELY take a look at her website:

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