October Cravings

What is it about the month of October that tempts me to be extra adventurous; to constantly push myself to get out there an do something. We're only 7 days into this brand new month and I just cannot stop brainstorming about different ways to get out of the house and capture life. Not only am I eager to get outside and drink the autumn air, I'm also really into planning new and exciting things for Kaihla Tonai Photography!! I've been brainstorming more than just photo sessions lately, and I'm really anxious to get the ball rolling on multiple projects. My focus is currently sitting on two different avenues: the first being a casting call for a bunch of couples for a brand-orientated series I want to begin ASAP, and the second being a new blog feature that I want to begin right away as well! Did I also mention that my sister bought me a "new" 35mm?! How rad is that! It's always fun going out and shooting with something different, which is why I'm anxiously awaiting the evening where Mark isn't swamped with school work (like that'll ever happen) so we can go for a walk and try this baby out!

DSC_0714-2 What sort of cravings does October bring about for you??

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