Outdoor Free Spirit Marathon - Calgary, Alberta Boudoir Photographer

This winter brought along a lot of new ventures for myself, one of those being a deep love for Free Spirit Marathons, which to my pleasant surprise seem to resonate with a lot of you wildhearted women reading this right now. I've developed a passion for putting together these marathons that are entirely about encouraging you to be vulnerable, to be honest with yourself (& me), and most importantly, about creating images that you will always have to look back on to remind yourself of how liberating and inspiring it feels to let yourself BE yourself. With our move to Calgary quickly approaching, I want to start putting together details for my first ever OUTDOOR free spirit marathon! What could be more intimate than relinquishing your vulnerability & natural beauty in the company of the organic textures & colours that make up nature? DSC_2483-EditI wanted to put this blog post out there to get a feeler for marathon interest; if there are enough of you who would be interested in participating, I simply ask that you either comment down below, or let me know by emailing me kaihla@kaihlatonai.com. Once there's a collection of inquiries, I'll be back to share with you all of the specifics & details that you'll need to know regarding the marathon! If you're still unsure if a Free Spirit Session is right for you, don't hesitate to send me a note, or head over to the Free Spirit Section of my website to read & see more :)