How I Overcome a Creative Block

Creative blocks happen all. of. the. time. And unfortunately, if we all just sat around blaming the block on Winter, we'd never get anything done waiting for the inspiring air of Spring to come along. To be honest, often times when a major creative block hits, I spend a handful of minutes contemplating how I'll ever make this career work for me; but, once that melodramatic moment is over, there's a few definite steps that I personally take to get my creative juices flowing. There will be times where nothing will work, where no matter what you do, you'll still feel that blockage, but the first step in overcoming these blocks is realizing that the more you think about it and worry that you'll never get through it, the stronger it will become. With that I bring you the most important part of this process: 1. STOP worrying about it: Yes, you're allowed a few seconds to dwell on how much of a bummer it is to feel this way, but after that, don't think about it negatively again; rather, start taking positive steps to promote inspiration & creativity.


2. CLEAN: for some weird reason, this is a HUGE one for me, and I think it probably applies to most people who work from home. The hard thing for me with working in an apartment where my "office" is in the living room, is that I can see when everything around me is untidy. I can't hide away in a real office and shut out the messes, which is why this is such a high priority on my list. It's almost as though organizing my space helps organize my mind. If I'm frustrated and blocked while sitting at the computer, I'll get up and tidy my desk, the living room, the kitchen, or whatever else is in my line of sight. Even if it's something as simple as dusting, it still helps!

3. Take a BREAK: I'm baaaaad for getting so wrapped up in my "work" and never giving myself a break (p.s who wants a break when they're job is so rad?!!) I've recently starting disallowing business notifications and facebook messages from appearing continuously on my iPhone simply because the constant bother of a message ding or email was always both time consuming and disorganized. I used to love checking messages immediately after they came into my inbox, but I've found that I did it in the most inconvenient times (i.e while having supper, right before bed, while we were at the mall), which was not only becoming super intrusive to my personal life, but was always causing more chaos and disorganization in my mind than I had realized. Sometimes taking a step back and allowing yourself a little "personal" time is more needed than we may realize.

4. Get OFF of PINTEREST: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some late night pinning just as much as the next hungry-clotheslovin-cantwaittobemarried-gal, but often times Pinterest can do more harm than good. For me, it had kind of turned into the similar feeling that I would get whenever I would cram before a test, no matter how much I skimmed over some last minute notes, it always seemed to leave me with less knowledge than before I started cramming. If I'm stuck on Pinterest, it's almost as if it sucks out the creativity that was already brewing within my mind, and replaces it with the pins that I'm sharing, pinning, or liking. We've become so wrapped up searching for imagination online that we forget that the most powerful imaginative tool has always lied deep within ourselves.


5. CREATE: As a photographer, the most important part of who I am and what I do, is to always be creating. Whether it be a session that I've been wanting to shoot, or a blog series that I've been meaning to start; whatever it may be, just make it happen. I've adapted the mindset that if I'm not continually propelling myself forward, then I'm moving back, which is why I ALWAYS try to have something on the go at all times. Don't be afraid of this step sounding more monstrous than it really is, constantly creating could be something as simple as journalling every night before bed; it could be writing letters to friends, past or future clients, vendors, family members just to let them know that you're thinking about them. Creating is just allowing your mind to wander, it's finding inspiration the old fashioned way ;)

6. TALK IT OUT: This step is probably THE most crucial to untangling a creative block. Although I'm a huge advocate for solitude and being alone with your thoughts and creativity, there is often nothing more inspiring that talking with someone who "gets you". The cool thing about this part, is that there's no "rules" as to who you can confide in, talk to, or brainstorm with. If you get together with something who has a like-mind, it's awesome to feel as though you're both on the same page; but, it's always refreshing to hang out with someone who thinks a bit differently than you, as they might offer perspectives and ideas that hadn't even crossed your mind. Whatever the case may be, don't ever feel like you're alone in this creative struggle; you're not the first person to have a block, and you certainly won't be the last. Talking it out or even just letting someone know that you're struggling with inspiration could very well be the step you needed to take in order to get things going again.

7. GET OUTSIDE: I apologize in advanced for how cliche this step may be, but it's the truth! Fresh air works magnificently for the the soul, mountain air works even better.


As always, if you EVER have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section down below, OR email me :) Don't forget that I'm always here to "talk it out", and am always down to helping you get inspired!! Also, if there's any topic that you would like to see discussed in the future, definitely don't hesitate to share in the comments.

P.S I'd LOVE to hear your favoured method for overcoming a creative block!! Feel free to share below!!