Pam + Ryan - Engagement Session

Pam and I were texting back and forth on the afternoon before their engagement session, trying to decide what we should do about their session later that evening and the encroaching thunderstorm that was being predicted. After tossing around our options, we eventually decided to forge ahead with our original plans, and headed out to the mountains later that evening for their session in Canmore. While we were nestled away high up in the mountains + lakes, the clouds over Canmore decided to open up and pour down with heavy rain, all the while leaving us dry, warm, and surrounded in the most stunning of lights.


I'm always fascinated by the many connections that are uncovered through getting to know my couples; these two had found me via one of my past brides, and even met each other when they were working in my hometown of Cold Lake, Alberta.

I'm so excited to hang with you two + your families again come September!!

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***As I am wanting to pour all of my attention into my current 2016 couples, I will not be opening up my 2017 wedding bookings until Monday, July 25th of this year. If you'd like to chat before then, or get in touch to set up a get together to get to know each other + chat more about your wedding after that date, send me an email ( or contact me via the contact tab at the top of my website!