The Paper Kites + Reuben and the Dark

We've had 'The Paper Kites' tickets in our wallets since the end of the summer. When we heard they were going to be in town, we knew we had to be there; especially since their tickets were selling for sixteen bucks! Reuben and the Dark was their opening band, and they were sooooo good; I'm going to be listening to all morning!! To be honest, small shows were never something I had attended until meeting Mark. His love for small venues and talented musicians quickly grew on me soon after meeting. Don't get me wrong, I still like to blast a good rap song when he's not around (true story), but I've fallen entirely in love with the chill, romantic, and insanely talented musicians, and even more so with seeing them live.


In the past three and a half years, we've attended more shows than I can count; from the RRA, to the Tallest Man on Earth, to Iron & Wine, to Imagine Dragons, to LIGHTS, to Benjamin Francis Leftwitch, we've stood, sat, and waited in line for hours to see some of our favourite artists. Intimate venues are always such an interesting place. It's almost surreal how one musician has the power to hush a crowd. Last night during The Paper Kites, I remember looking out into the crowd of shadowed faces and just taking in how fixated people in the audience were. It's such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by people who are so affected by certain genres of music. I love the feeling of "connectedness" that overwhelms you during shows. Hundreds of strangers conglomerate in one single space; from different backgrounds, life stories, and journeys, we all gather in one area, connected by our love for whoever we're listening to. If there's one thing that I know to be certain, it's that Mark and I will forever continue to invest our money in attending live music. Nothing beats seeing some of our favourite artists in person. Nothing beats holding hands, and standing together as we join the mesmerized crowds.

This is only one of many Paper Kites songs, let me know what you think! ALSO if you love talented bearded, tattooed, and well-dressed boys, make SURE you check out Reuben and the Dark's "Winter Widow" on YouTube....loooove.

P.S Do any of you guys keep a little jar like this one?? Mark and I started this last January as a way to keep track of all our memories and adventures throughout the year. We put anything and everything in there; plane tickets, notes, park passes, and so much more!! On December 31st, we're going to sit together and go through each and every memory, reliving 2013. We're definitely going to continue doing this for years to come.