Peach-Orange Sangria Recipe -- {Summertime Sips}

There has probably only been a small handful of times where I've tried sangria. For some reason, I feel as though it's always been one of those drinks that is always on every single menu that doesn't ever get a second glance. I think that maybe sangria is shied away from also because it contains red wine, which isn't always a wine favourite for everyone. Last week, it felt like the straight up dog days of summer (and it's still only May). It was nearing 30 degrees, and the thought of sitting on our back patio and drinking a summery drink just seemed like the very best idea. I'm not one who drinks too often, nor who ventures too much into cocktails, since I'm not a huge hard liquor fan, so sangria seemed to include basically the only thing that I do enjoy drinking--wine--as well as giving it a fruity/summery flare. I was also afraid that there was a specific formula to making sangria, but quickly learned that it's not to be feared and can be made as easily or complex as you wish! DSC_0068

Below is the very first recipe that I whipped together, and I really believe that the options are endless when it comes to sangria--experiment with the flavours + fruit, I bet you'll create some amazing mixes! The following recipe is for one laaaarge glass of sangria; also, the measurements are super specific haha you should know by now that I never measure when I'm in the kitchen. △ Fill your glass with ice △ Cut a couple of slices of an orange and place them in your glass. Add a few chunks of peaches and a couple slices of lime △ Fill your glass with about half a can of blood orange sanpellegrino--add a bit more if you don't like the taste of red wine as much △ Add the same amount of red wine to your glass (I used merlot--I don't know if there's one that works best for sangria haha but this tasted excellent!) △ Top your glass with another orange and/or lime slice, pop in a straw, and enjoy! △ If you want to add a bit more liquid + fizz, you can add in some peach flavoured carbonated water! DSC_0062DSC_0066DSC_0069DSC_0072

Disclaimer: this tasty treat goes down smooooth and will knock you on your butt if you're not careful ;) haha. Do you have a favourite sangria flavour combo? I can't wait to experiment with the endless options!