Photography Founded on Trust


Life feels at it’s fullest when we are given the unrestricted, whole-hearted permission to be ourselves. Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve learned first hand how restricting and uncomfortable it can be to not be given the space to be who we truly know ourselves to be. This realization has since been the very foundation of my business. I believe that by giving my couples the honest and non-judgemental space to feel comfortable with yourselves and the relationship that you share with yourself and your partner, is the only way to capture still images that truly capture the safe dwelling space that you both have found within the arms of one another.

Many things in life boil down to trust. Do we trust ourselves enough to become vulnerable in front of another person? Do we trust our partner with all that we have? Do we trust the process of our togetherness, and the journey that is the life that we share? Your relationship with me is no different; it comes down to the basis of trust. Do you trust me, and my process, enough to simply hand over control, and focus on simply being you, both as individuals and as a couple? Building that trust with the both of you is the first step of this entire process.

Much like many other scenarios founded on the basis of trust, I don’t believe that we must share a strictly professional client-vendor relationship. You will not just see me once to give you a contract and take your deposit, and then not again until your wedding day; I would rather take you guys out for dinner, meet up with you whenever we’re in the same city, chat with you throughout the year, and be there if you need an extra set of hands to help. My couples are one of the largest priorities in my life--both personal and professional--and I want to aid in building that trust from the very beginning, and long thereafter.

If you’re looking for a photographer to wear black pants and a dress shirt to your wedding, blend into the crowd, talk strictly professional in our email exchanges, and treat you both as just another pair of interchangeable partners, then I will be the first to tell you that this isn’t going to work out between us.

It goes without saying that being a photographer, and of course being professional, are top priorities for me today--and everyday--but I would rather treat you both as human beings than as interchangeable clients, because you are both so wonderfully + incredibly unique, and there is no other duo on the face of this planet who share the same story, qualities, personalities, traditions, families, or uniquities that are so intricately woven throughout the life that you two have created together; and what part of that could ever possibly make you interchangeable.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for opening up the opportunity for us to get to know each other. Thank you for knowing that it is safe to be who you know yourselves to be. Thank you for your trust.

I wanted to share some real life experience from some of my past couples regarding their wedding day mornings and how they decided how they wanted that part of their day to go. First look, traditional morning, or getting ready for your wedding day together? Choosing a morning structure on your wedding day that not only reflects your wants, but also caters to your personalities & preferences.


“We had initially planned a good sized wedding with everyone invited for a full day, but realized we were only doing that because we felt we had to. It wasn’t us, and as soon as we decided that we needed it to be simple, and genuine to who we are as a couple, we knew we had to elope surrounded by only our immediate family and a couple dear friends. We were able to spend the morning getting ready together, laughing and crying as we read old love letters, listened to our favourite songs, danced on our squeaky wood floors, and anticipated the day together, it was perfect. Being able to identify what actually matters to you as a couple, and being willing to drop the rest is an amazing feeling. It creates a day full of authentic moments, and time to really enjoy the incredible promise we were making to one another. We wouldn’t trade our little vows in the mountain for anything.”  - Emily + Stephen


“We had already seen each other all dolled up in our outfits before, so we got ready together instead of doing a traditional “reveal”. It didn’t make it any less exciting when we saw each other on the day of, because we knew that it was actually happening. Whatever you want to do, just do it. Don’t be worried about what you family and friends will think. This day is about the two of you, so it’s super important to make it the truest reflection of who you are as a couple.” - Megan + Luke

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“We were already living together before getting married so decided that we would both sleep better and feel less stressed if we slept in our own bed like normal. We spent the evening writing our thank you speech and doing last minute things and in the morning had breakfast together before the groomsmen headed out golfing and the bridesmaids got ready. We got ready separately and then met up to do our first look alone with just Kaihla and Mark there to capture it. We were so glad to do this and take to take some time to just be alone and enjoy the silence before everything began! Every couple should seriously consider implementing this aspect into their wedding day. This was probably the most calming part of the day and some of my favourite, most emotional photos are from our first look.” - Shealyn + Justin

What wedding morning format have you thought about having, or how has the morning of your own wedding already unfolded? Is there any of your own advice or suggestions that you'd like to share in the comments?