Pick Yourself Up, and Get Back Out There

Yesterday I wrote out the biggest list of “to dos” that I’ve done in years; it was filled from top to bottom with endless tasks ranging as something as simple (ish) as writing an email, to bigger things such as booking insurance appointments and doing taxes. Normally listing out what needs to be done is the perfect way to calm my scatter-brain and get everything organized and back on track; however, there are the rare times when seeing everything laid out in front of me does more harm than it does good. Today was the latter; after getting off of the phone with our auto insurance company, booking a dentist appointment (and getting a quote since I don’t have insurance), and planning for business licenses + permits, I felt myself beginning to unravel. It frustrates me beyond words to admit that these mini melt downs usually flood in when too many of my list items revolve around the idea of money and having to pay for one thing after the other, after the other....Neither Mark nor I have ever measured our wealth by the amount of dollars in the bank, or the material possessions that we own; we are so rich in joy, adventures, road trips, memories, and the realest of loves. We gather wealth in the careers that we’re both chasing so passionately + unapologetically. We are prosperous in the inspirational conversations + positive individuals who are involved in our lives. But just because we don't value our quality of life by the amount of money that we have in the bank, doesn't mean that those issues can't still creep their way into our lives. pickyourselfbackup

We all value and cherish our own happiness on unique levels, with none of them being better than the other. But regardless of how we choose to live our lives, we all have those days that creep up on us; those moments where our tasks, bills, insurance, permits, appointments all seem to have to be paid at the same time, and our task list--whether big OR small--begins to topple over. I want you to know that when you're feeling like life is getting to be a bit too much--whether it's an hour long meltdown or months of sadness + frustration--that you're not the only one feeling those negative (and poorly timed) hurdles. And not only are you never the only ones going through a rough time, you're also allowed  to feel that way. You're allowed to get frustrated. You're allowed to feel scared. You're allowed to cry. You're allowed to take a break. You're just not allowed to stay there; so, when you're ready, pick yourself up, and get back out there.

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