Krysta + Randy - Rocky Mountain Engagement Session

Whenever someone chooses to get married, elope, or have a session in the mountains, there’s a good chance that they’ll get to experience the ever-changing and fickle weather that can pass through the rockies in a matter of minutes.

Krysta and Randy’s engagement session out in Kananaskis started with the biggest wind gusts that blew in a downpour of icy cold rain, was followed by over twenty minutes of sunshowers with the brightest sunshine and strong falling rain, and then ended with clear blue skies and the softest sunny glow. It’s so neat to see how the whole session changes and shifts from start to finish; and just to give you an idea of just how ever-changing the weather is in the rockies, this session was shot in 60 minutes, so all that you see here happened within that small of a time frame ;)