Settling In Nicely - Calgary Intimate Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Today marks our first full day in Calgary and within the past 36 hours we've already done more summery activities than we have in the past month haha I blame apartment living for this hinderance; there's always so much more to do when you're living in a house ;) hehe. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we spent a bit of time moving our stuff into the house, but soon abandoned that plan in order to enjoy the sunshine and warm wind that was blowing through the city. We spent hours in the backyard, barefoot, planting wildflowers, watering the garden, and weeding for faaaaar to long ;) We ended the night cozied up around a backyard fire, roasting hot dogs and letting the reality of what's to come truly sink in. DSC_8279The sunshine and warmth was short lived, as we awoke to a downpour this morning. Mark and I took the opportunity to head West in search for a rad location for my upcoming Outdoor Free Spirit Marathon--and did we ever hit the jackpot!! I spent the whole ride home trying to explain to Mark how I was so incredibly excited for these sessions that it was making me feel nauseous with excitement (p.s do any of you get that feeling??! SO excited for a photo session that you get butterflies?!) Either way, I am so happy to report that our location has been chosen and I cannot WAIT to send out all of the details!!

DSC_8276 DSC_8285I've never been so excited for a Monday (that's a lie, Mondays are seriously my favourite day of the week haha), but tomorrow morning I plan on putting together some info packets FILLED with everything you want to know about the Marathon: wardrobe details, jewellery, floral crown specifics, location info and MORE!! I have a handful of ladies who are patiently awaiting more information regarding the marathon (which will be sent out tomorrow afternoon!) so if you would like to get your email added to that list of recipients, feel free to comment down below, or if you'd prefer to not share your email address, you're more than welcome to send me an email so that I'm aware of your interest :)

DSC_8294-EditI hope you guys had an amazing weekend, and that the rest of your Sunday will be relaxing and cozy as this rain continues to fall outside. As always, if there's every ANYTHING you'd like to see talked about/shared/shown on the blog, just let me know down in the comments below! I love tailoring blog posts to share your interests, and I'm always up for suggestions!

Talk soon, Kaihla