Simple Headboard - DIY

Bedrooms have always been my place of peace; a sanctuary where I could truly feel safe + comfortable. Over the course of the past 5 years, I've lived in FOUR different apartments; needless to say, this gypsy lifestyle makes it hard for me to create a place that truly feels like my own. We moved into our apartment in August, and ever since then I made it my mission to try and create a comfortable place for my quiet spirit. Regardless of the fact that we will most likely be moving (AGAIN!) in a few months, I just needed to FINALLY get this headboard project going so that our bedroom felt all the more cozy and personable. How can I ever express how thankful I am for Mark? Amidst his school projects, seminars, design shows, and intern applications, he somehow ALWAYS finds the time to help me--no matter what. This project was no different. As you could see from my Instagram (@kaihlatonai) Mark really is the one that does all the heavy lifting...I'm more of the supervisor hahah. Not to say that I couldn't operate a saw and drill by myself, it's just in everyone's best interest if Mark's the one in charge since I have very little patience for measuring, and re-measuring, I have a reeaaaal bad habit of calling quits on projects once they reach the point of "good enough"....

I didn't take too many photos of the process for two reasons: 1-it was night time and therefore DARK when we actually did the majority of the work 2-there really wasn't much to it!


The most time consuming part was decided what type of wood we wanted to make it out of; we wanted something that we wouldn't have to plane, sand, and finish, but we also wanted something that wasn't terribly expensive. Initially we were going to go with ash, but instead settled with three 7-10 ft pieces of birch (each one a different width). We bought raw, natural wood from a supplying rather than finished boards from your usual hardware store.  We also picked up a couple 1x2 pieces of lumber from Home Depot that would act as supports, as well as be used to attach the headboard to the bed frame (we also bought four bolts for the attachment part!) Using a hand saw, we sawed the boards to fit our desired length--slightly longer than the width of our bed--and then placed them in a way that we thought to be visually appealing. This is where I would have just begun screwing the lumber into the boards to speed up the process, but Mark was in charge, so we did some measuring haha. Once everything was lined up properly, we screwed the lumber onto the boards (we used 1 1/2" screws so that they would JUST go into the main planks and not poke out of the wood).


That is seriously all there is to it!! Depending on what sort of bed frame you have, you may have to modify how you attach the headboard to the bed, but since ours is a simple metal frame, we just bolted them together. I'm surprised in the best of ways at how beautiful the headboard turned out; it's better than I ever thought it would be, and it totally makes my bedroom feel all the more cozy + inviting!! Below are just a few frames of the little guy in his new home!