Step out Into the Wild - Bethany

kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0078 I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't super fed up with the cold weather and the dreary brown colours that continue to engulf the city, but how can I be mad when all of those boring grey + brown tones make for one of the most STUNNING session backdrops a girl could ask for! Mix those rich neutral tones of dead trees and moss with a pale blue dress and an absolutely gorgeous subject, and we're left with the perfect setting for a captivating woodland session.


As you may already know, Janine from Janine Rose Photography has been hanging out with me this past week as part of her NAIT Photographic Technology curriculum requirement, so I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes image of her shooting Bethany! Be sure and check back soon to see all of the other sessions we ended up shooting together during her work experience :)