Styled Indie Wedding

This post has been a long time coming. I had been dreaming up a themed session for the entirety of the summer, and I knew that I couldn't let the summer months pass without doing at least ONE styled shoot for myself. As a flourishing photographer, it's not the easiest to find collaborators that will trust you in putting together an amazing styled session; therefore, I took it upon myself to bring this vision into fruition. The process started with this dress.....I still can't get enough of this dress. I always like to base my Styled Sessions around an article of clothing; this way, I'm able to put together other parts of the theme, all the while remaining consistent to the overall feel and style of the clothes. After finding the perfect dress, I managed to snag two of the cutest models (for the record, Jillian + Max are NOT married or engaged hahah), and after a lot of planning, and thrifting, the session was finally ready to take place! My incredible hair + makeup artist: Robyn Scheer McMillan This session was also featured on WedLoft/Wedding Window, take a look at that post HERE

"Can I take it to a morning Where the fields are painted gold And the trees are filled with memories Of the feelings never told? When the evening pulls the sun down, And the day is almost through, Oh, the whole world it is sleeping, But my world is you". -Bloom, the Paper Kites

Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0047Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0048Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0044Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0045Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0049Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0050Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0051Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0052Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0053Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0054Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0055Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0056Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0057Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0058Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0059Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0060Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0061Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0062Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0063Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0064Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0065 Leave a comment letting me know which image/part of the session is your favourite!!