What Comes Next is Sweeter Than You Could Have Ever Imagined

As I laid in the grass awaiting the delivery of my wedding dress yesterday afternoon, I looked up at the sky and took note of the way that the wind played with it's surroundings. I watched as the branches swayed to the right succumbing to one strong gust, then started to bend towards the left responding to the following gust. My eyes fixated on the soft swirling of tiny white petals as they broke off of their tree branch and followed the ever changing breeze as it took them away. The parallel between this simple concept in nature and that of my life at that exact moment simply could not be overlooked; it's actually quite incredible to find such a striking likeness between our everyday lives and the natural rhythm of nature. The wind cannot be controlled; it cannot be persuaded to slow down, nor tempted to chance it's direction. The wind is ever-present--even in it's softest moments--guiding along the slow + steady pace of nature; drying up the puddles after it rains, shaking the leaves off of their branches to force a seasonal transition. Even in it's strongest moments, the wind's intention is always pure. It aids in the evolution of nature, whether nature itself is ready for a change or not. DSC_6326

Regardless of how hard we plead with each passing hour, we can not slow down these days. We cannot force the present moment to take a break simply because we're not ready for what comes next. Time--much like the wind--does the only thing that it knows how to do, and that is to keep moving on, regardless of the circumstance. We fear change, we put off growth, we postpone self-discovery, all because we are so blindly unaware that what comes after has the potential to be so much sweeter than where we are now. The wind blows it's hardest right before spring, and isn't the rebirth and blossoming of your surroundings the most beautiful sight that you've ever seen? Our days are meant for growth; they are intended to give us the time we need to go to bed a better person than we were when we woke up that morning. You're given these days to explore self-discovery, and to be OK when you realize that what you've been doing for the past year just isn't working anymore