A Time of Giving - Christmas Gift Ideas

I'm sure you've seen similar hair ties like these all over the internet! Companies like Mane Message have turned such a simple concept into a world-wide trend and has developed a new and unique way to tie-up  hair! These hair ties are said to cause less damage due to the wideness of the band, as well as being a little different than the traditional black hair tie we always have on our wrists. I decided to make a few of my own a few weeks ago, and I think that it could be a really fun, unique, and personalized gift for anyone this Christmas.


What you'll need: - scissors - "fold over" elastic (you can find WAY cuter and cheaper elastic online ! They have a lot more patterns and colours, as opposed to Fabric Land, which is where I bought mine--granted, I do love super neutral and basic colours!!) - a ruler - a piece of cardboard or something sturdy

DSC_3215 Start by measuring your elastic! I cut mine to be about 8.5 inches in length. Cut the elastic at the desired length, and then tie the ends together, simple! Feel free to add them onto a piece of cardboard, or something else sturdy, so that they are all displayed in one place; you can even write a little Christmas message on the cardboard to finish it off!

DSC_3216DSC_3219DSC_4227 Need more handmade Christmas gift ideas?? Be sure to check out my Tea Wallet and Jewellery ideas!